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tenant representation

Determining your footprint efficiency and flexibility to        accommodate subleasing, termination, contraction and expansion of space

Creating a thorough budget analysis of your rent to revenue prior to lease signature

Securing a geographical location for recruitment and retention in addition to strategically aligning with partners, clients, and competitors

Developing a timeline of critical milestones so you can focus on your business

Custom Strategy

Market Evaluation

Leading a comprehensive review of the market skyline for all sites that meet your criteria

Narrowing the focus to a select few for leveraging highest negotiation position

Securing tenant favored lease terms with a front loaded RFP.
Forecasting rent, overall project expense forecast and terms forecast to achieve savings, flexibility and protection
Using comprehensive analytics for economic and non-economic factors in the decision-making process

Negotiation Power


Creating results for a multigenerational workforce that will attract and retain talent; empower and reshape technology; spur innovation and create high energy space; having a bottom-line impact eliminating misaligned ways, and accommodating for changing business for fully integrated solutions


Experiencing results that your values, ambitions and brand elements have been brought to life in the workplace
Serving as your in house real estate department for all post-occupancy activities

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